Kitchen Knives Cooking Set Ceramic Knife 3" 4" 5" 6" inch Zirconia Ceramic Black Blade Paring Fruit Vegetable Cooking Knife


  • Ceramic knives never rust, stain or change the taste of food like traditional metal knives

  • Ergonomic handles provide unique support for maximum performance

  • Ceramic material is razor sharp compared to diamond

  • Blade sheaths included for additional protection!

  • Anti-bacterial! No chemical reaction with food and no metal in your food!

  • Buy one set for personal use and another as a gift

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Q & A:

        1.Question:  What’s the material of the black blade?

            Answer: They are all made out of high quality zirconia powder from raw materials zirconium sand coming from Western Australia. Some people think they are metal knife mistakenly. Actually, ceramic knife are way much lighter than metal knife. It is just the high quality zirconia power that makes them have the metal feeling.

         2. Question: What is the difference between black blade and white blade?

            Answer: In the market, there are normally 2 kinds of colors of the ceramic blade. One is white blade ceramic knife, and the other is black blade ceramic knife. Black blade knife has one more procedure than the white one, which is carbonized under high temperature after the blade has been shaped up and grinded. So normally black ones are more expensive than the white ones.

         3. Question:  How to Avoid breaking and clipping

            Answer: The breaking or clipping all stems from false handling of the ceramic knives. We all know that ceramic knives are with much high hardness which is only secondary to diamond. so the toughness is comparatively low. The tip of the blade however is most sensitive to damage. So Please note: Not for chopping bone, prying, striking. Not for cutting hard material. Use bamboo and softer cutting surfaces. We will further assure you our knives when they arrive in normal condition are indeed razor sharp.And they can keep their condition for many years without sharpening if properly handled.

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