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Frying Pan Cookware Set

Enjoy cooking at home again with this 3-piece high quality Frying Pan Cookware Set. These pans are a great alternative to the higher priced "designer" alternatives and give you more options! Set includes 8", 10" and 12" pans. Comes shrink wrapped.

$21.00 $18.90

Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables, this Bamboo Cutting Board features a layered bamboo board in a rectangular shape. Measures approximately 14" x 10" with a 0.75" thickness. Comes shrink wrapped.

$27.00 $24.30

Colored Multi-Purpose Kitchen Knife Set

Prepare foods to perfection with this 5-piece Colored Multi-Purpose Kitchen Knife Set featuring knives in a variety of bright colors with strong, sharp metal blades and comfortable plastic handles. Set includes: 1 12.5" chef knife, 1 13" bread knife, 1 12.75" carving knife, 1 9.25" boning knife and 1 8" paring knife. Dishwasher safe. Comes packaged in a blister pack.


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